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Everyone’s favourite tv daddy Pedro Pascal talked about discovering a steadiness between taking part in two related roles—at the least on the floor. In a brand new interview about The Last of Us, he mentioned the variations between Joel and Mando in addition to how a lot he’ll be out of the swimsuit within the Disney+ collection.

In regards to taking part in father figures on dueling networks, Pascal instructed the Hollywood Reporter he observed the similarities early on. “As I [got familiar with the game], I noticed there are so many things I’ve seen that visually or thematically reference The Last of Us. Like [the 2017 X-Men movie] Logan. And yes, the trope has been used in so many different ways—you can go back to [the manga series] Lone Wolf and Cub, you can go to Paper Moon. But as far as Mandalorian and The Last of Us existing in close proximity, for me, it’s the best double-dipping I could possibly  imagine.”

Really, who can be mad that he’s main two large style exhibits? Not even Mandolorian producers fought him on it; in reality, they really supported it. Pascal revealed that they “very generously” allowed him to do each exhibits, which is probably going as a result of as Din Djarin he’s performed by a double within the Mandalorian swimsuit.

That might make followers fear that we’d solely hear Pascal’s voice on the collection going ahead, however the actor assured that’s not the case. “[Producers] Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are creatively not limiting themselves to the way things are normally done,” Pascal teased. “We’ve improvised making myself available for whatever they need. I hesitate revealing anything because I don’t want any plot surprises to be spoiled.”

There’s undoubtedly room to play as a result of he doesn’t must be unmasked within the swimsuit. Depending on the upcoming season’s arc—which may have Din caught between the clan that considers eradicating your masks against the law and different Mandalorians who assume it’s elective—we’re undoubtedly all in on seeing extra of Pascal’s face.

What a world through which we get a number of alternatives to see Pedro Pascal play a dreamboat badass daddy—a job he’s been type of typecast as, at this level, regardless of not being a father in actual life. Pascal acknowledges it. “You start to recognize a thread between your characters that you didn’t necessarily look for, but got cast in. I don’t have kids. I’ve only learned through these characters how painfully vulnerable one becomes and how much your life depends on their life being OK. It’s a fun fantasy to fulfill, and I’ll play as many dads as I can get.”

We’re into it. The Last of Us arrives January 15 on HBO; The Mandalorian season three hits Disney+ on March 1.

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