Roland Bridge Cast twin bus gaming mixer delivers pro-level sound for livestreams

Elevate your on-line gaming audio with the Roland Bridge Cast twin bus gaming mixer. This desktop hub boasts loads of options that enable you rise above the competitors. Yes, you’ll be able to amp up your sound utilizing a broadcast-grade dynamic or condenser mic. You additionally get a premium XLR mic preamp for clear sound. Meanwhile, the twin audio mixer helps you to handle the mic stage, gameplay sounds, crew chats, and extra. So you’ll be able to create a private combine. Then, you get direct sound management because of the road output with stage knobs for exterior audio system. Moreover, you’ll be able to even morph your voice to match your character because of processing derived from Roland’s VT voice transformer merchandise. What’s extra, the Game EQ presets mean you can choose audio frequencies and enhance their ranges, making it simpler to listen to issues like footsteps whereas gaming.

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