A time lapse sequence of color-enhanced photographs of Jupiter from NASA’s Juno spacecraft.
Image: NASA

NASA’S Jupiter mission is again in motion after affected by an acute case of spacecraft amnesia, which brought about the Juno spacecraft to quickly lose entry to knowledge saved in its reminiscence.

The NASA spacecraft resumed its common operations on December 29, the house company announced on Tuesday. Juno went into protected mode on December 17 resulting from a reminiscence anomaly that befell following the spacecraft’s forty seventh shut flyby of Jupiter and its moon Io.

After finishing its flyby on December 14, Juno started the method of sending science knowledge to floor management, however the downlink was disrupted. The solar-powered orbiter had issue accessing the reminiscence saved in its onboard laptop. The glitch was probably attributable to Juno flying by a radiation-heavy space in Jupiter’s magnetosphere, inflicting a radiation spike that messed with its programs, NASA defined in its assertion.

NASA’s mission management rebooted the spacecraft and put it in protected mode till the problem was resolved. Shortly after, floor management was in a position to get well the science knowledge collected over the last flyby and efficiently downlink it to Earth, with solely a tiny little bit of knowledge being corrupted by the reminiscence glitch, in response to NASA.

“The science data from the solar-powered spacecraft’s most recent flyby of Jupiter and its moon Io appears to be intact,” NASA wrote within the assertion. “Instrument recovery activities are now complete, and the spacecraft is functioning nominally.”

Juno is even gearing up for its subsequent flyby of Jupiter on January 22.

The mission launched in 2011 and arrived on the Solar System’s largest planet in 2016. Since then, Juno has not solely been offering us with beautiful views of Jupiter and its swirling ambiance, however has additionally added a plethora of information on the gasoline big and its accompanying moons.

Juno was solely alleged to final for about two years, but it surely’s the mission that retains on giving planetary artistic endeavors that rival Van Gogh.

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