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So might the Stranger actually be a Wizard? Well, if he’s, it marks a serious change from what we all know of Tolkien’s personal lore—in any case, The Rings of Power is about through the Second Age, and as beforehand talked about, within the books the Wizards appeared on Middle-earth within the Third. Once Sauron was defeated and the Fourth Age started, what we all know of the Wizards is temporary: Gandalf returned with the Elves to the timeless lands of Valinor, Saruman was useless, and Radagast, Pallando, and Alatar’s fates have been largely left unknown.

But contemplating how the Maiar are immortal spirits, it wouldn’t be an excessive amount of of a stretch to make the Stranger certainly one of them—maybe an early kind that falls in some unspecified time in the future in between the Second and Third Ages that’s finally reborn once more. After all, there have been inklings that they may very well be a supernatural being of some type: falling from the sky in a meteor (and residing to inform the story) apart, the Stranger has exhibited unusual powers, from speaking with fireflies to having some implied talents of telekinetic affect of nature—just like the second the Stranger snaps a tree department, simply as Nori’s father, far away, breaks his ankle establishing a Harfoot construction.

But if the Stranger is one of many Wizards, which might he be? Gandalf looks like the plain alternative, after all—and particularly so contemplating that touchdown close to, and being cared for, by the diminutive Harfoots might clarify his eventual kinship with the Hobbits later down the road. Given his connection to the pure world, it’s likewise doable he may very well be Radaghast, who was identified for his love of nature. But just about each Wizard is an intriguing choice: an opportunity to see a pre-villainy Saruman at his peak may very well be an enchanting thought, as can be the prospect to discover the lives of Alatar and Pallando, who largely remained mysterious even in Tolkien’s personal works.

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