Ad Regulator Rules That’s ‘I’m a Keeper’ TikTok Was Sexist

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The UK’s promoting regulator decided the TikTok was not a keeper.

In June, posted a TikTok to its UK account that includes a lady’s voice saying, “Things that make him realize I’m a keeper.” The video confirmed a lady giving a man a protein shake whereas he sat on the sofa and arranging contemporary towels and socks for him. A viewer reported the put up to the nation’s promoting regulator for sexism and for selling detrimental gender stereotypes. Today, the regulator declared that Match’s video was not, the truth is, a keeper.

On Wednesday, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority, or ASA, an impartial regulator that enforces the nation’s advert guidelines, agreed with the complainant and stated’s TikTok video “perpetuated negative gender stereotypes and was likely to cause harm and widespread offence.” With its ruling, the ASA rejected the relationship app’s argument that the video aimed to spotlight “small genuine acts of kindness within a relationship.”

ASA prohibited from exhibiting the video advert in its present kind and advised the corporate to make sure it didn’t “portray sexist or negative gender stereotypes in future marketing communications.”

“We considered that the longevity of the gestures implied that they were not one-off acts of kindness but were indistinguishable from chores. We also considered that the voice-over highlighted that the actions were done for the benefit of the man, not the woman,” the regulator wrote. “Given that, and in the absence of any reciprocal gestures by the man, we considered that the woman was shown to prioritize her partner’s needs over her own.” pulled the advert from TikTok, though the corporate stated in an announcement that it didn’t consider it had violated any guidelines. Gizmodo reached out to a number of occasions on Wednesday for touch upon the ASA’s ruling however didn’t obtain a response.

ASA additionally identified that the title of’s advert, “Things that make him realize I’m a keeper,” was problematic when considered within the context proven within the video. The title, the regulator identified, “reinforced the idea that women should be subservient to men in order to maintain a successful relationship.”

In its protection, the web relationship firm defined that the concept behind the TikTok advert was to indicate that small gestures between {couples} have been “integral” to profitable relationships. identified that the video featured actual {couples}, which have been enlisted to make a video by its promoting company, and that the people had not been given a script.

In addition, stated that the TikTok video beneath scrutiny was solely one in all three-part marketing campaign. A second video within the marketing campaign, titled “Things that make me realize he’s a keeper,” targeted on gestures carried out by the person for the girl. Meanwhile, the third video, “Small gestures we do for each other that make me realize he’s a keeper” featured actions carried out by each events.

Since the three TikTok movies have been all revealed on the identical day, maintained that watching all three one after the opposite would supply viewers a balanced and reciprocal view of the featured couple’s relationship, in line with the ASA ruling.

Nonetheless, the corporate did seem to confess in a really small voice that the video in query might ship the unsuitable message.

“ conceded that the ad, when viewed in isolation, did not convey the full story of the couple’s relationship. However, they asserted their belief that the content of the ad did not cause serious or widespread offence,” ASA wrote. “They said that, whilst the gestures carried out by the woman in the ad could be deemed by some to be overly gender typical, they focused on featuring a diverse group of couples in their marketing communications and that the gestures presented in the ad were authentic to that couple and reflected their genuine relationship.”

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