"Bliss," the default desktop background of the Windows XP operating system.

Pure XP Bliss
Image: Microsoft

As I lay on my loss of life mattress, the final picture that flashes earlier than me might be of a menu on Windows XP, seared into mind cells which can be supposed for use for recollections of family members. I’m positive of it.

Windows ain’t what it was once. Twenty years in the past, Microsoft was so highly effective that the complete drive of the US authorities got here down on the corporate for forcing individuals to make use of Internet Explorer. Remember when US regulators used to do one thing about monopolies? But in comparison with rivals like Apple, Google, and Meta, the Microsoft of at this time feels nearly quaint, a faceless company that simply needs to promote you the newest model of Excel (Though Bill Gates’ child remains to be price $1.68 trillion.)

Still, for thus many people, our early life got here on the peak of Microsoft’s computing dominance. Even the youngest Gizmodo readers in all probability spent lots of hours observing Windows 7. The screens, buttons, photos, and apps of outdated Windows interfaces are with you ceaselessly, even in the event you can’t see them in your iPhone or your fancy MacBook Pro.

Here are 10 Windows interfaces you’ll by no means be capable of neglect, regardless of how arduous you strive.

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