Is it actually price constructing a tool with a display if it may possibly’t play Doom? Of course not, which is why Sean Hodgins not too long ago shared a video justifying the existence of their customized constructed persistence-of-vision spinning LED Christmas tree by taking part in the enduring 30-year-old first-person shooter on it.

If your mind fully checked out someday close to the start of December final yr—a very comprehensible and affordable factor for it to do—you will have missed the debut of Hodgins newest vacation hack. In years previous, Hodgins has created the whole lot from a 3D printer decoration that 3D prints smaller ornaments, to a snow globe that truly makes its personal snow utilizing a stack of thermoelectric coolers to relax the within of the globe to freezing temperatures.

For 2022, Hodgins created their very own five-foot tall digital Christmas tree that seemed extra like a plain triangular body constructed from welded metallic tubing. But due to a strip of color-changing LEDs and a half-horsepower electrical AC motor, that triangular body will be spun at terrifying speeds to create a persistence-of-vision impact revealing a glowing, adorned tree. It was each a enjoyable and equally terrifying piece of vacation decor, however what good is an digital Christmas tree when Christmas is over?

Can it run Doom?

The reply to that’s easy. The tree is definitely nothing greater than a cone-shaped LED display that can be utilized to show actually something fed to it by a Raspberry Pi and a laptop computer. So as an alternative of lights, pine needles, and ornaments, Hodgins upgraded the holographic tree’s capabilities to play video, which on this case occurs to be a reside stream of somebody taking part in Doom.

Is it the simplest technique to play the sport? Not within the slightest, as you’re actually solely seeing the motion taking place in the course of the display. The left and proper sides are displayed on the again half of the spinning tree, making it tougher to see baddies coming at you from the perimeters. But the creation passes the ‘will it run Doom’ take a look at, which is all that actually issues.

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