The first season of Disney+ sequence Willow is over. If you watched, you little doubt have questions on among the season’s remaining moments, and are questioning if it’s been renewed for season two but (it has not). If you didn’t watch, perhaps you’re now pondering, “They made a Willow TV show?” Both of those are utterly legitimate factors of view, and showrunner Jon Kasdan is more than pleased to speak about of them.

io9 spoke with the chief producer of the present through video chat this week and we actually acquired into the weeds. We talked about these massive spoiler questions on the finish regarding the final baddie, the Wrym; what was up with that mid-credits scene; why unique movie characters just like the Brownies have been solely within the present very briefly; and about Madmartigan, Elora Danan, and a lot extra. On the flip aspect, we additionally spoke in regards to the unlucky fact that Willow didn’t blow the doorways off tradition like perhaps some anticipated, why that will have been, and what may very well be subsequent. Read about all that and extra, proper right here, proper now. Spoilers abound.

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three books

Willow’s finish credit revealed this was simply quantity one in all three.
Screenshot: Lucasfilm

Germain Lussier, io9: Dude. Volumes two and three? What the heck? Tell me about that superior tag there and the choice behind it.

Jon Kasdan: Yeah, I imply we’ve at all times been kind of in love with this concept that Willow existed as this guide in a library someplace that has been ready to be opened for 35 years. And it kind of sat on a shelf in expectation that somebody’s going to tug it down. And definitely, as we advised the story and acquired to the tip of the story, all of us knew and felt that the place we have been ending was definitely not the tip of the story. And so it was a throwing of the cap over the wall, if you’ll, to kind of say “There really is [more].” And what you may’t assist doing if you’re surrounded by individuals you like working with is beginning to discuss the place it’s going to go. And we had already been in that dialog once we have been ending taking pictures a yr in the past, and definitely, it’s continued within the intervening yr.

io9: So if this season is quantity one in all a three-volume saga, how does the film slot in? Where is that within the library?

Kasdan: The thought was that the film and the primary season are quantity one, in order that the film kind of serves as a prologue to the primary quantity and that every one would have the same type of form to it.

io9: Okay. Yeah. Elora is a child for the entire film in order that is smart. 

Kasdan: Exactly. You acquired to see the place she got here from and what she’s up in opposition to and definitely, yeah, it looks like an epic story. But it’s additionally partly, I come out of flicks and three-act construction. So one of many guiding rules of the primary season of doing this present was that it might perform in loads of methods like the primary act of a film, by which you kind of arrange your characters and your conflicts and then you definitely’re hopefully in a position to go discover another components of it [in act two], after which finally give an actual decision [in act three]. I definitely entered into this pondering the story that I hope to inform can be greater than these eight hours, however that it might be a finite story and wouldn’t be a sequence that might go on for 12 or 15 seasons.

drawing of the character

Madmartigan makes his very first apperance within the finale finish credit.
Screenshot: Lucasfilm

io9: The finale does an excellent job of including some extra context to the Madmartigan thriller. Willow says he’s combating the Wyrm from inside, we’ve already discovered about his quest for the armor, and clearly, he talks to Kit on this episode. So in your eyes, is his story full now? Do we all know every part we have to know? 

Kasdan: No. We hope not, in loads of methods. One of the challenges of this factor is you have got a really clear concept in your head of precisely what you’d love to do, and then you definitely hope you have got the chance to do this factor. And so for him notably, within the idealized model of how we proceed this story, it’s removed from over. And we’ve acquired loads of stuff we’d love to do as a result of there’s this deep love for Val [Kilmer], not simply on the planet, however from inside our household right here at Lucasfilm and I believe nothing would give everybody extra pleasure than to see him on the set, you already know?

io9: Oh, completely. Now, it looks like when you get the possibility to proceed, Graydon [Tony Revolori] is, clearly going to have a giant half to play contemplating what we see within the remaining scene. I do know you may’t inform me a lot an excessive amount of particularly—however typically, what’s it in regards to the character that now he’s been doubtlessly possessed by evil 3 times in his life?

Kasdan: Yeah, he’s acquired a vulnerability to those issues. And one of many massive overarching themes of the present is that all of us have slightly of those two issues in us, you already know? Even much less express than “light” and “dark,” it’s the kind of libidinous aspect and the idealistic aspect. And he’s continuously confronted by the battle between these opposing emotions in himself and feels weak to the affect of those darker, extra malevolent forces. So, yeah, he definitely may very well be a robust software for both good or evil.

Willow as played by Warwick Davis.

Willow as performed by Warwick Davis.
Image: Lucasfilm

io9: Correct me if I’m unsuitable right here—I’m no Willow tremendous skilled—however this concept of the Wyrm, the final word evil that was controlling the Crone, that was created for the present proper?

Kasdan: Well, it’s. I imply, what’s humorous is that the image of the Wrym, the insignia that we’ve got on the doorways and all around the present, is within the film. It’s on the large gong they use in Bavmorda’s rituals. One of the issues that that I actually liked in regards to the film was that it kind of hinted at a darkish magic that was very highly effective and far vaster than we acquired to expertise within the film. So the Wyrm, whereas a creation of the [show], felt like a pure continuation of the worship and gaining energy for one thing otherworldly and sentient.

io9: That jogs my memory, within the first half of the finale, Elora is searching and sees what appears to be like like a large path. Is {that a} worm?

Kasdan: There is one thing down there. Yeah. I imply, I believe that sure. Yes, completely. There’s a giant big worm. [Laughs] 

This might be the Wyrm.

This is likely to be the Wyrm.
Screenshot: Lucasfilm

io9: Yes. Okay. Now, on the finish of the sequence, the place that we see Graydon in—the place he finds this new model of Elora—appears to be like very very like Willow’s visions of the long run, the place he noticed Elora useless.

Kasdan: Absolutely.

io9: Are we fated to see this place in actuality? What are you able to say about that?

Kasdan: Absolutely. I believe that battlefield is kind of the promise of some victor on this battle between this creature and these forces of sunshine. And how that works out goes to rely largely, we hope it’s implied, on Elora, and on how she finally ends up feeling by the tip of this. And one factor that’s been actually enjoyable about doing that is that we’re allowed, on this enjoyable offshoot of Star Wars, to discover what the darkish aspect means, and what it may very well be wish to see what would possibly tempt somebody to go over there. And I believe it’s one thing that Star Wars has accomplished to some extent and doubtless will do extra within the coming yr. But it’s one thing that we thought there was a possibility to make very particular to this, about somebody being tempted into energy and straightforward issues that may be tempting to all of us, you already know? “Money for nothing.” [Laughs] 

io9:  [Laughs] Right proper. And that solutions that query [about the song choice in the finale end credits]. But you definitely get extra right here of like, truly seeing the temptation to go to the darkish aspect and the promise of getting every part you needed otherwise you thought you needed.

Elora standing with an army

A battlefield for one more day.
Screenshot: Lucasfilm

Kasdan: Yes. And it’s why somebody in Graydon’s place… and I very a lot relate to Graydon on the finish of that scene. It’s like, if she mentioned that to me, I must actually resolve which approach I used to be going to go, you already know?

io9: Yes, after all. Of course. Speaking of Elora, on the finish of the present, she provides a glance again to the gate. And it’s very curious. I’m questioning, is that as a result of she senses Graydon is alive or is there one thing else? What are you able to say about that look Elora provides?

Kasdan: It’s nice that you simply picked up on that as a result of it’s actually it’s one thing [Ellie Bamber who plays Elora] and I talked quite a bit about. But it’s extra that I believe that there’s a pull for her to the darkness and the facility she touched when she made this contact with the Crone. And I couldn’t actually be prouder of Ellie in the best way she delivered precisely what was supposed there, which is that there’s one thing without delay scary and harmful about this battle, however there’s additionally one thing extremely exhilarating about it. And that exhilaration comes by way of in her efficiency and the kind of vacancy that follows that comes by way of in that look that she throws again, you already know?

io9: For certain. She particularly blew me away on this episode since you do get that vacancy. But you additionally get her cockiness when she’s combating. And then when she’s with Airk, it’s completely different. She’s this bubbly harmless lady once more. She was superb.

Kasdan: Yeah. Well, she will get to take action many issues; you see the lady she was and the girl she’s turn into, and he or she’s attempting so laborious to convey them collectively, all these completely different components of herself, to turn into this lady that she’s kind of destined to be. And it’s a really private story for Ellie in that she felt that as we have been doing it, you already know? That she was bringing collectively the youthful aspect of her and the extra mature aspect of her. And they fuse in in an advanced grownup. And that was the place we have been headed all alongside.

Elora leading her group of friends.

Elora main her group of associates.
Image: Lucasfilm

io9: And her hair positively will get redder over the course of the present proper?

Kasdan: Well, it will get redder kind of unexpectedly. There’s a streak that occurs when she does the kiss after which when she actually breaks by way of on the [journey across the sea] it occurs instantly. Again, it’s prefer it’s an orgasmic use of magic and it modifications her.

io9: Right, I perceive. So sticking on the solid, each time anyone asks me in regards to the present, I’ve clearly advised them I prefer it, which I do, however I additionally add that it’s the characters and the actors particularly. They’re so likable and so complicated and so great. Now that the present’s within the rearview mirror slightly bit, inform me slightly bit about what you have been in a position to obtain with this solid?

Kasdan: That factor of it, I couldn’t be prouder of this ensemble. That’s one of many items of it. You know, you may find yourself in alternate realities the place there are completely different casts and different variations of it may need been nice, too. But the place I do know we have been extremely, uniquely lucky was that each a kind of 5 or 6 actors have been deeply, wholeheartedly, dedicated to their job. They liked coming to work. They liked making this present, they usually needed it to be nice. And I believe it comes by way of in every of their performances, the kind of earnestness of intention, and the enjoyable they have been having, too, with one another, which was very actual and really, very palpable.

io9: Yes for certain. Now, was the present ever going to proceed on past the ending we see? Like, have been you ever going to see them return to Tir Asleen or Willow’s reunion with Mims or something like that?

Kasdan: The first season was at all times kind of supposed to depart them in Immemorial City, however definitely the story doesn’t finish [there] in any respect.

willow talking to the brownies

There’s an excellent story behind the Brownies.
Image: Lucasfilm

io9: Right. Of course. I used to be clearly delighted to see Kevin Pollak again as a Brownie and the Brownies again usually. But it actually felt nearly like a throwaway. They’re in a single episode and that’s it, is there any purpose why that was?

Kasdan: I definitely needed them again. I like Kevin. I’ve at all times been an enormous fan of notably The Usual Suspects Kevin Pollak. [He’s] like a significant determine in my life. I knew he had an urge for food to return again and I needed to offer individuals the delight of that character returning. But I might have actually liked to have given them the delight of each characters [Pollak as Rool, Rick Overton as Franjean] returning and to have accomplished much more with the Brownies. But the reality is that no technical factor of constructing Willow is tougher than the Brownies and making them plausible and making it look fairly good. And on the primary season of a present like this, it does restrict you when it comes to what you’re in a position to do. And it was a battle to get them in there and I actually needed them.

io9: So if we’re fortunate sufficient to maneuver on, you’re hoping to do extra with the Brownies?

Jon Kasdan: I might like to. Again, it presents a technical problem at all times. The high quality of results that’s demanded by the viewers now could be actually difficult to do on a week-to-week foundation if you’re attempting to make it interactive and nice. But for instance, I can let you know that within the unique model of the pilot, when the Bone Reavers attacked the group, on every of Toth’s shoulders, he had slightly Brownie sitting there using every shoulder, kind of directing him which solution to go. So there was at all times an intent to kind of add that. I like that scale of the present and I like that type of character.

Fans rightfully have loved the relationship between Kit and Jade.

Fans rightfully have liked the connection between Kit and Jade.
Image: Lucasfilm

io9: Before we finish I need to step again a bit. As I mentioned, I liked the present however I’m slightly deflated that it didn’t appear to explode as massive because it might have or in all probability as supposed

Kasdan: Oh, me too.

io9: Right. So inform me slightly about what the reception to the present has meant to you and the way you’re type of feeling about it.

Kasdan: Well, it’s attention-grabbing. I imply, clearly, you go into these items kind of hoping for everybody to like it [but] anticipating that they received’t all. You’re studying slightly bit about how sure members of the viewers are valuable about issues that you simply by no means imagined they might be valuable about. Others aren’t in any respect. There was an expectation that we had that nobody was notably invested in Willow beforehand. That was one in all its items. That individuals had kind of a fond reminiscence of it, and also you kind of didn’t count on that anybody would really feel prefer it wasn’t what they hoped it might be, as a result of it truthfully by no means occurred to us that individuals had sturdy expectations round it. So that was each gratifying and kind of attention-grabbing.

And then the most important factor has been the help of the ladies and that their relationships have so linked with an viewers as they’ve gone alongside. It feels prefer it has gained some momentum and traction because the episodes have handed with the cumulative impact of the entire season. I don’t know if that’s only a actuality of streaming tv nevertheless it’s definitely attention-grabbing to see, like, can the present proceed to be found and have a life? And is there a spot for extra of it within the enterprise of our tradition proper now, and particularly within the style which is so filled with exhibits, frankly, and now motion pictures too? Obviously, there was an urge for food that hadn’t been fed in a very long time. And now there’s quite a bit feeding it. So what we hoped to do was create one thing that was distinctive and unique in that world. And truly it’s satisfying to see that for lots of people, it’s working in that approach.

the evil gales

Too a lot fantasy?
Image: Lucasfilm

io9: Yeah, there’s a lot fantasy now I really feel like, perhaps it missed the wave slightly bit? Hopefully not?

Kasdan: Yeah, me too. I hope not. I imply, it’s a humorous factor. The Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings juggernaut was kind of an intense cultural second, you already know? So it’s humorous to return after it however I’m very gratified by the response.

io9: Is there any, and I hate to be pessimistic, however is there any type of line or timeframe the place we all know a season two wouldn’t occur?

Kasdan: Honestly, I do not know. We’ve by no means been in that type of dialogue. My marching orders have at all times been “Go forward, young man. Keep coming up with these stories.” And I’m definitely recreation to do it and I like everyone concerned. So that’s not a tough order to get to work on.

io9: So do you have got broad-stroke concepts of what would occur within the subsequent two seasons or no?

Kasdan: Much greater than that. Yeah, we’ve been working actually, actually laborious and we’re very optimistic. I imply, definitely, in some type or one other, we’d love nothing greater than to maintain going and to inform extra.

I asked if this Ken Taylor illustration would become a poster. Answer below.

I requested if this Ken Taylor illustration would turn into a poster. Answer under.
Screenshot: Lucasfilm

io9: Awesome. And that is in all probability my last item, but when and if you get to do extra Willow, is there a personality relationship you’re most excited to discover extra of?

Kasdan: Well, I imply, all of them have kind of proven me over the course of the season what their potential was, you already know? Kit and Elora’s relationship was at all times going to be kind of central to the sequence. But when you have been to ask me, like, who’s the character that I needed we had gotten to spend extra time with in season one? And I’m very desperate to spend extra time with in season two? It’s a no brainer. It’s Mims. It’s 100% Mims.

io9: Yeah, completely. And could I additionally simply say I would like the title web page from the guide on the finish by artist Ken Taylor as a poster.

Kasdan: Yes, me too. And I’m going to move that on to the man who I’m anticipating to ship it for me. Supposedly they’re on it as we converse.

Thank you to Jon Kasdan for his time. You can watch the complete first season of Willow right now on Disney+.

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