The NYXI Wizard Is a GameCube WaveBird Clone For the Nintendo Switch (With Joysticks That Will Never Drift)

Although I believed I used to be invincible, the dreaded Joy-Con drift has lastly come for my Nintendo Switch, which I purchased on launch day nearly six years in the past. I’d be extra upset about it had been it not for the truth that I simply found the NYXI Wizard: a replacement dockable Switch controller that appears like an ideal clone of the GameCube’s WaveBird—the greatest controller Nintendo ever made.

Now I do know that many avid gamers would disagree with my assertion of the WaveBird’s design perfection, and it actually pains my coronary heart fascinated about how fallacious all of them are. As I defined early final yr, the WaveBird took every thing I cherished in regards to the GameCube’s controller, together with a extra intuitive and superior motion button format than fashionable controllers use, and made it wi-fi.

Even now, the WaveBird feels prefer it melts into my hand every time I choose it up, and I can perceive why the GameCube’s gamepad, even with the trouble of a cable, remains to be the popular alternative for Smash Bros. devotees. Even Nintendo itself resurrected the GameCube’s controller for the debut of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Switch, however I’m extra inclined to drop $69 on the NYXI Wizard.


Although it may be used as a standalone wi-fi controller with a design that appears closely borrowed from the WaveBird, the NYXI Wizard may also be cut up aside and connected to both finish of the Nintendo Switch like a pair of Joy-Cons. But in contrast to the Joy-Cons (and different Nintendo controllers), the NYXI Wizard’s joysticks won’t ever expertise drift. That’s as a result of they depend on magnetic Hall Effect sensors to detect actions, as an alternative of mechanical linkages, which put on out over time.

The NYXI Wizard provides extra customizability over the Joy-Cons and WaveBird, too, with swappable joystick rings—spherical for racing video games or an octagonal design for preventing video games. They even have an additional pair of remappable buttons on the again for sooner entry to sure capabilities. Battery life is rated at about 6.5 hours of gameplay between prices, though it’s not identified if the Wizard will cost whereas linked to the Switch.

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