Despite what you might have seen in movies like Tron or Jumanji, it’s inconceivable for people to leap from their couches right into a online game. Or, at the least, it was. That’s the expertise Universal and Nintendo are hoping to recreate with Super Nintendo World, the model new themed land that opens at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA on February 17. It’s the primary of its type in North America and the second in the world.

Ahead of the opening, io9 acquired a walkthrough tour of the brand new attraction. Located on the decrease lot of the theme park, friends first stroll by way of a familiar-looking inexperienced pipe and listen to that unmistakable “Bwah, bwah, bwah” warp sound. You’ve simply left Universal Studios and are within the Mushroom Kingdom, a completely immersive, 360-degree world crammed with Super Mario the whole lot. There are mushrooms, there are query mark blocks, there are Goombas, Koopas, pipes, Piranha Plants, and Thwomps so far as the attention can see. You emerge from Peach’s fortress, the place one thing’s been stolen from her—and, within the distance, you see Bowser’s fortress, the place you possibly can race him and all of his mates.

Piranha plans? Pow blocks? This is Mario alright.

Piranha plans? Pow blocks? This is Mario alright.
Image: Hamilton Pytluk/Universal Studios Hollywood

io9 was a part of a bunch of journalists given a whirlwind strolling tour of the still-under-construction land final week. So, sadly, we weren’t in a position to experience the land’s essential attraction, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, however we did study that’s solely one of many many issues you are able to do in Super Nintendo World, all of which get immediately cooler for those who purchase a $40 Power-Up Band.

With that band (which doubles as a Nintendo Amiibo and is offered in six different designs), you possibly can gather cash all over the place within the land. And we do imply “everywhere.” While cash will primarily be accrued on the Mario Kart experience and thru varied bodily mini-games (extra on these in a second) there are a number of nooks and crannies constructed into the land particularly for exploration. See a random arrow on the wall? Follow it and also you may discover a sequence of magic blocks and AR binoculars, much like those elsewhere within the park. Curious why there’s an alcove to nowhere? Go in and a mysterious “M” on the wall will reveal why. Some query mark blocks offer you one coin, others offer you extra, however all are solely activated when you’ve got a Power-Up Band. (If not, you get that acquainted “thud” noise like when mini-Mario can’t break a block of bricks.)

The Thwomp challenge lets you flip tiles to defeat him.

The Thwomp problem permits you to flip tiles to defeat him.
Image: Hamilton Pytluk/Universal Studios Hollywood

The essential story of the land is {that a} Golden Mushroom has been stolen from Princess Peach and it’s as much as you, the visitor, to attempt to get it again. To achieve this, you’ll have to accumulate at the least three of 4 obtainable keys that you just get by finishing “key challenges,” that are brief, Mario-themed interactive video games. One includes defeating a Piranha Plant, one other a Goomba, the third a Koopa Troopa, and eventually, a Thwomp. Each would require you (and in some circumstances just a few mates) to bodily resolve puzzles or play video games towards a timed clock and have each straightforward and arduous modes, relying in your capacity and former progress. At the time of our go to, we had been solely in a position to do the Thwomp problem, which calls for you and your mates to speak so as to change an enormous display screen of tiles all to the identical shade. It was manic, intense, and enjoyable.

Each problem can have its personal particular person queue and for those who full it, you get a key that will probably be registered by your Power Band, in addition to the variety of cash you bought. If you don’t have a Power Band, you possibly can play all of the challenges, you simply received’t be holding rating; rating is stored within the Universal app in addition to on interactive leaderboards within the land. (Your Power Band additionally retains your rating if you go residence so you possibly can come again and add to it.) Once you get three keys (although you don’t truly need to, as a result of shopping for a Power Band isn’t a requirement) you possibly can go into Bowser Jr.’s fortress and compete in a mini-boss battle. Here, as much as 12 individuals will bounce and react to a 180-degree display screen that tracks their actions and, if the group defeats Bowser Jr., Peach’s Golden Mushroom will probably be returned. Again, this problem was not working once we toured the land however even simply standing within the house and taking a look at it, you might inform it’s simply the second coolest factor you might do, behind the Mario Kart experience.

A doorway in Bowser’s office.

A doorway in Bowser’s workplace.
Image: Hamilton Pytluk/Universal Studios Hollywood

As for that Mario Kart experience, lining up for it’s going to take you up and across the outskirts of Super Nintendo World and finally by way of the doorway of Bowser’s Castle, the centerpiece of your entire house. Inside, you’ll stroll by way of Bowser’s workplace, which is crammed with Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart Easter eggs. Some favorites embody books reminiscent of “Don’t Bring Bananas to a Shell Fight,” “Shy Guy: Behind the Mask,” “The Art of Balloon Battle,” a multi-volume set referred to as “The Saga of the Mushroom Kingdom,” and a miniature recreation of the experience’s digital monitor. Those are only a few I observed at first look however you might significantly spend hours within the workplace part of the queue and preserve discovering new issues.

Again, we weren’t in a position to experience the experience itself however the queue is breathtaking. We had been additionally that instructed, as soon as onboard, you’ll be fitted with a visor and glasses to completely benefit from the expertise throughout which you’ll steer and throw shells as you race towards all of your favourite Mario characters. To be clear although, the experience simulates a race, it’s not an precise race. You simply sit there and revel in however, for those who select to do some further alongside the way in which, you possibly can impression a few of what occurs and accrue extra cash, that are tallied on the finish and exhibited to everybody on board. If you have got a Power Band, it’ll then be added to your complete.

Time to suit up, and look at those cool little details like Luigi’s vacuum.

Time to go well with up, and have a look at these cool little particulars like Luigi’s vacuum.
Image: Hamilton Pytluk/Universal Studios Hollywood

Beyond the Mario Kart experience, 4 key challenges, and boss battle, Super Nintendo World has two character meet-and-greets part—one for Princess Peach and one for Mario and Luigi—in addition to the desk service restaurant referred to as Toadstool Cafe (wherein many, however not all, of the objects embody mushrooms) and a present store, 1-Up Factory, which additionally serves because the exit to Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. For now, that’ll be crammed nearly solely with merchandise obtainable at different outlets across the park like Mario-themed hats, shirts, stuffed dolls, and extra.

As a long-time Nintendo and Mario fan, what impressed me greater than something you might do in Super Nintendo World was simply standing in it. Though you’re on the Universal Studios backlot, just a few ft from Transformers: The Ride and proper off the 101 freeway, the land feels indifferent. With the Mario music blaring, partitions constructed up simply excessive sufficient to dam most distractions, and the ever-moving, superbly designed units, you actually do get that “I’m inside a Mario game” feeling. I wished to place down my pocket book and run round like I used to be six years outdated and excessive off of a killer session of Duck Hunt. Will an individual who doesn’t know Link from Zelda or Chris Pratt from Bob Hoskins really feel the identical method? To an extent, it will be arduous to not—the land is that bodily engrossing—however huge Nintendo and Mario followers are completely going to get extra out of the expertise than individuals who aren’t.

Pokey in the house!

Pokey in the home!
Image: Hamilton Pytluk/Universal Studios Hollywood

Also, it’s referred to as Super “Nintendo” World, not Super “Mario” World, so there’s at the least one little wink to a different Nintendo franchise (Pikmin)—however that’s it, at the least for now. Future expansions are doable, if not possible, however take plenty of time and planning, particularly when the whole lot of Universal Studios Hollywood is already an elaborate puzzle piece, clicked into an area between the studio itself and several other main highways. That means, for now, Super Nintendo World is all about Mario, Luigi, Peach, and the crew, with the intention to hopefully immerse followers within the iconic online game franchise.

However, it’s essential to notice, all of this was skilled in a land that was not overrun with individuals. There had been no traces for hours on finish. No digital queues conquered or reservations wanted. How Super Nintendo World will find yourself feeling as soon as it’s a completely built-in a part of Universal Studios Hollywood is one thing theme parks followers can debate sooner or later. Even at first look, although, it being so removed from the park entrance looks like a misstep, even when it was mandatory. Either method, at this stage, weeks earlier than opening, the constructive intentions and a focus to element are undoubtedly there. The objective is to move followers from Hollywood to the Mushroom Kingdom, and in that intention Super Nintendo World succeeds.

Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on February 17. It’ll be open to anybody within the park until it reaches capability, then reservations will probably be required. Click here for more info.

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