Don your desk with the Keychron Q10 QMK {custom} mechanical keyboard. Available in a totally assembled model or a barebones model, it comes with the keyboard PCB, the case, and the metal plate. The former additionally comes with double-shot OSA PBT Mac and Windows keycaps in addition to Gateron G Pro switches. Blending an Alice structure and 75% keyboard dimension, it has further macro keys so you’ll be able to program it. Moreover, with a left knob design, it’s absolutely customizable with QMK and VIA assist. Furthermore, it has an all-metal CNC-machined aluminum physique, a double-gasket ergonomic design, and a creative look. Customize and regulate every part as you would like, and also you’ll benefit from the lowered sound resonance between the metals and decrease noise of the impacted metals. Finally, it has a strong ultra-low-power ARM structure MCU with 128K Flash and a 1,000 Hz polling price—a developer’s dream.

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