Most people face problems related to previous data when their cellphones got stolen, lost, and dead or restore. So we have figured out some ways to secure and save your Data on a Samsung mobile or any other android phone. It saves your data by making a backup of it on any smartphone. Having a backup is very helpful because sometimes you need to switch your data to new mobile or any other smartphone. You can use your stored data whenever you need just have to make the backup updated.

5 steps to back up your Samsung mobile.

·        Go to “Settings”.

• Scroll down your phone there is an “Accounts and backup” and click on it.

• Then an interface appears, click on the “Backup data”.

• Select the things which you want to make a backup.

How to Backup Samsung Mobile on PC

It is easy to back up your Samsung mobile to a PC through Smart Switch. Download Smart switch to easily back up your Samsung mobile.

Steps to Backup Samsung Mobile to PC via Smart Switch.

·        Plugin the mobile into the PC through a USB cable or using Wi-Fi.

·        Open “Smart Switch” on the PC.

·        Click on the “Backup”.

·        Your PC will automatically start doing backup, when it’s done click “OK”.

How to approach my Backup on Samsung Mobile?

Samsung allows you to access the backup on any other Samsung mobile like Samsung A34, Note 10, S10, etc. Some simple steps to access the backup on Samsung mobile.

Steps to access the Backup on Samsung Mobile

·        Click on the “settings”.

·        Go to the “Cloud and Settings”.

·        Click on the “Samsung Cloud”

·        On the top right corner there are the three dots, tap on it.

·        Click on “Settings”.

·        Then go to the “Sync and auto backup settings”.

·        List appears to select the apps from which you want to backup the data.

How to resolve the Backup issues on your Samsung Mobile.

It is very easy to create a backup on your Samsung mobile. You have to follow a few steps to make a backup of your Samsung mobile or any android phone. The requirements for doing a backup must be your smartphone switched ON and having a strong internet connection.

What benefits we will get after backup on the Samsung mobile?

Having a backup of your data on Samsung mobile is more beneficial for you because it will make you relieved.  You don’t have to worry about your data because it is secured. All the major files, data, images, videos, and contact lists will be secure after a backup on your Samsung mobile. The main important thing is that your all data is secured if it was erased by chance so you can get it back if it will be stored in the backup. Some people don’t make the backup of their smartphones and once they lost them so all the important data will vanish.

Some Important things you need to know about Samsung Mobile

Do Samsung phones back up photos automatically?

Yes, if you have the latest phone such as; a Samsung a34 or any other new device you need to give permission to Google to upload photos to the cloud so it will automatically start uploading daily to the Cloud.

Is Samsung Mobile Backup Paid?

No, Samsung Cloud backup is free. According to Samsung Company, 15 GB of storage will be free. If you need additional storage so you have to pay for that.  

How many Backup options does Samsung Mobile provide?

There are the two best options to back up your Samsung mobile one on Google drive and the second one on Samsung cloud.

Can Samsung Mobile Backup everything?

Yes, Samsung allows you to back up everything you want. Once all the data is backed up you can log in to another device and can easily transfer all the data you want.

Is it possible to reset your phone without any loss of data?

Yes, this is possible if you’ve made the backup of that data on your Samsung mobile.

Why my Samsung mobile can’t backup?

In this case, you don’t have any sufficient storage in your Samsung Cloud so that’s why you are facing this problem. You have to buy more storage from Samsung Cloud or delete unnecessary data.

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