Make probably the most of an immersive cooking expertise with the Brava Glass sensible countertop oven. It comes with a leading edge glass window on the entrance of the oven. The function is to offer customers a full and clear view of the equipment’s inside and lamps as meals cooks to perfection. Additionally, the Pure Light Cooking Technology offers this system the power to Air-Fry, Roast, Bake, Sear, Toast, Reheat, Rice Cook, Slow Cook, Dehydrate and Keep Warm. In truth, there’s additionally a heat-resistant inner digicam and machine imaginative and prescient to watch cooking progress. Thanks to the cell app, it’s also possible to take pleasure in distant viewing entry on smartphones. With the glass panel that includes a 97% tint, this sensible oven can now make cooking five-star grade meals at house as straightforward as could be.

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