Andor Just Gave Us Another Great Easter Egg

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Luthen has some very cool trinkets in his residence.
Image: Lucasfilm

Storywise, Andor could also be avoiding the reference-heavy tropes of different Star Wars Disney+ exhibits however there’s nonetheless loads happening for eagle-eyed followers to investigate. Last week, it was the Rakatan invaders; this week, in “The Axe Forgets,” we realized that one of many characters owns one thing very close to and expensive to followers of one other fashionable franchise. But, until you have been on the lookout for it, there’s an opportunity you missed it.

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The second in query comes towards the tip of the episode when Luthen (Stellan Skarsgård) is visited by his concierge, Kleya (Elizabeth Dulau). They’re discussing the heist that can go down tomorrow on Aldhani and, on the again proper shelf of Luthen’s room, you see two darkish, oval-shaped stones with three marks on every one.

luthen with stuff on a shelf behind him.

Top proper shelf: Indiana Jones relics.
Screenshot: Disney+

These, as most of you already know, are the Sankara Stones from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. They’re the stones Indy should liberate from the Thuggee cult which, when mixed, gentle up and convey life or demise to their homeowners. Which, no, doesn’t essentially imply Indiana Jones exists within the Star Wars universe (or will exist finally, as a result of bear in mind, it is a very long time in the past); virtually actually, placing them with Luthen on Coruscant is just a bit wink to followers of the Indiana Jones franchise. A franchise that, like Star Wars, is managed by Lucasfilm. Luthen is a collector and seller of uncommon antiquities, form of like a Star Wars model of Indiana Jones, so placing them with him on Andor simply works.

It additionally continues a protracted custom of Indy and Star Wars crossing over. Did you recognize R2-D2 is on the Lost Ark? That the membership in Temple of Doom is Club Obi-Wan? There are extra too. So that is simply Star Wars maintaining the custom going.

But if we wish to get tremendous nerdy, you may try to interrupt down the importance of Luthen having not simply the stones, however two stones. In Temple of Doom we be taught there are 5 complete stones, three of which we see within the film. The different two are presumed misplaced. So, are Luthen’s stones the 2 misplaced stones? Or, in placing two stones collectively with no third, are the filmmakers giving us a visible illustration of the battle in Luthen’s life? That he’s nonetheless on the lookout for the ultimate piece of the puzzle? This is the form of nerdy shit that we stay for.

Of course, the stones aren’t the one noteworthy issues on Luthen’s shelf. He’s received each a Jedi and Sith Holocron too, although these are bigger than most that we’ve seen in Star Wars so perhaps they’re simply replicas? And, within the final episode, we noticed that he has a ton of stuff—such because the Starkiller armor—within the entrance. Maybe someday we’ll get a breakdown of all of the treasures he’s amassed over time.

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